ReRooted Facilities

Details about ReRooted facilities for agriculture production, food preparation, event space, and accomodations

Our organization seeks to be a resource open to both a local and online community, with the aim to support and help build other individuals, small businesses, and organizations seeking to engage with our holistic approaches to sustainability, including access to locally grown food, soil regeneration, land stewardship, and community building. Connect with us with interest or questions.

Luther Cabin

Luther Cabin InteriorThis historic log cabin on the property was first built in 1851 by the Busness family. On Christmas day in 1853, Reverend Vilhelm Koren welcomed what became Washington Prairie church, the first Lutheran congregation of the Norwegian diaspora in the Decorah area. Reverend Koren later became one of the founders of Luther College. Moved and reconstructed in 2010, the cabin offers a venerable homey atmosphere, and calls back to the early days of settlement in the Midwest. Situated on a hill above the main ReRooted gardens, the cabin has a beautiful view and nestles in its natural surroundings. There is a small but complete kitchen incorporated with the main level seating area, upstairs bedroom with queen bed, and bathroom and shower in the basement. The cabin is electrified for lighting and kitchen, with heating via an antique wood stove.

The Luther Cabin is rented to those interested in monthly lodging while working on ReRooted or their own incubator projects, or as an artist's retreat. The cabin is currently occupied full-time, however if you are interested in an historical tour, please connect with us.

Upper Garden Grounds

The ReRooted upper garden grounds feature ornamental flowers, an edible landscape, a small vineyard and orchard, and heirloom vegetables for the house. The space is being readied for rental as an outdoor event space for small to moderate gatherings.

Commercial Kitchen

The ReRooted main house has a commercial kitchen attached, allowing for culinary preparation for events or packaged products from local food sources. There is a large, six-burner stovetop and double oven, along with large refrigerator and wash sinks. This is undergoing recertification and will be available for rent in the near future.


The ReRooted greenhouse incubates starts and provides for cultivation of seed crops. Improvements are planned to be able to make the greenhouse into a year-round farm-to-table growing space. Greenhouse space can be made available on a limited basis to those interested.

Garden Space

There are potential incubator spaces available for garden space on the ReRooted grounds, in the main gardens and adjoining areas. This is another possibility for incubator and start-up space for organic agricultural production or special projects.